Sharing a Love of BBQ on Labor Day Weekend


There is nothing better than sharing BBQ with family and friends especially over a holiday weekend! Several of us at Cloud Performer often share our experiences and recipes.  Even when we can’t get together in these times, sharing ideas and pictures keeps the fun going.  It can easily turn into a virtual challenge trying to push creativity.

Where Do You Start?

A popular question I get is where do I start?  My best advice is not to over-think it and just have fun. It’s one meal out of thousands your going to have in your life.  If you already have a grill or smoker, awesome!  If you’re in the market for one, there are plenty to choose from depending on what style of grill or smoker you want and what your budget allows.  Either way you’ll never stop learning and tweaking things.  You probably already know those close to you who enjoy barbecuing.  When you return to work on Monday and someone asks what you did over the weekend, let them know what you threw on the grill or smoker.  You might be surprised who shares the same hobby or who has been thinking about jumping into it.  Join a social group or watch YouTube videos for ideas, tips & tricks. You could spend hours and hours.  Someone is always trying something different mixing up ingredients or an approach.

Experiment & Enjoy the Journey!

What I’ve learned over the years is to start simple to build a foundation.  Pick an item to grill/smoke that you’re comfortable with or simply want to learn.  Living in Texas, I smoke a lot of briskets.  You can dream up some complex set of ingredients for a rub, use an amazing store bought, or simply use coarse salt & pepper (Central Texas-style). Stay consistent picking a temperature and smoking wood as you figure out the rest.  From here it is all practice.  Make small adjustments only changing one item per smoke.  This can be temperature, wood, prep item, or ingredient.  You’ll be surprised how one simple change can impact things.  Record your results on what you liked or didn’t like.  Keep trying things out until you locked in your process and preferred recipes.  Snap a quick picture and share. Several of us do this almost every weekend, and we all learn from each other!

Take a look at some of our BBQ!