Like the perfect cocktail, Cloud Performer employees have the right ingredients in the right proportions to work as a team and exceed expectations. They leverage their breadth of experience, unsurpassed Salesforce knowledge, and passion for helping clients and each other to ensure enjoyment in the work and we all move forward together. However, not all libations are right for all people, so what attracted our employees to Cloud Performer and why do they stay?

Successful Cloud Performer employees have several characteristics in common:

Exceptional Passion for Salesforce Knowledge

While Cloud Performer is a boutique consulting firm, the depth of knowledge about and experience with Salesforce is second to none. On average, our team has 10 years of experience working with the various clouds available on the platform with a variety of expertise ranging from senior-level Technical Architects to junior-level Solutions Consultants. Still, static knowledge isn’t enough for our team. They have a passion for learning more and staying on the front edge of applied knowledge in the ecosystem, so on-going education and challenging projects are critical. 

Does this mean that everyone is an expert in all clouds? Of course not! Part of the uniqueness of Cloud Performer is its employees’ ability to work together and be transparent when they need assistance. Our team recognizes the wisdom in asking for help and it makes us and our work stronger for it.

Broad Industry Experience

Variety is the spice of life and nowhere is that more relevant than with the experiences of our team. Each person brings unique backgrounds that reflect their business journey with expertise from employment in entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, education industries, and more! It’s a unique environment enabling each of us to learn from someone who’s “been there and done that” and leverage that knowledge the next time an opportunity presents itself. This not only benefits Cloud Performer but brings wide industry perspectives for our clients and partners making our employees an integral part of their team.

Focused Work-Life Balance

At Cloud Performer, we understand that employees are human. That may seem obvious, but each of us takes this seriously and keep it in mind in the day-to-day operations of the company. Connecting on a personnel level keeps the lines of communication open and helps with a mutual understanding of how to address personal needs and issues as each arises. This ensures that we have the support structure in place to support each other and make sure we are all at our best when taking on our work.

All that said we aren’t right for everyone. We frequently discuss employment opportunities with people in the Salesforce ecosystem that have different goals. Some are about titles, some about money, some are about the excitement of becoming a consultant, or any number of other intentions. While those opportunities are available at Cloud Performer, it’s not our reason for coming to work each day. Everything we do is focused on working together to simplify life and reach our goals together. The rest is simply the cherry in the Manhattan.

If you believe we might be right for you, please visit our Join Our Team page!