Simplify Work… Enjoy Life!
We Get There Together.

Cloud Performer has a strong core belief that businesses are a powerful medium for impacting the world. We understand that our clients spend a significant amount of time away from their families to carry out company goals, missions, and visions. These employees and their families are impacted by the company they work for, the culture and expectations of that company, and their co-workers and managers. Whether a company is conscious of its impact doesn’t negate the fact that it’s either contributing to a greater quality of life for its people, or it is reducing their quality of life.

Why do we do what we do?

What We Believe

May 11, 2020

Written by Michael Boutin — Founder


Cloud Performer will be proactive to create a workplace where:
  • Work-life integration is an integral part of who it is as a company
  • People want to come to work
  • People enjoy life – both at home and at work – and individual hobbies and interests are encouraged and appreciated
  • People feel like they have a choice and a voice
  • Work is challenging, but fun
  • Work is meaningful. It feels significant, like we’re really making a difference for people

At Cloud Performer, we see people in a holistic way. We see human beings.

  • Humans with husbands and wives and partners and family and friends
  • Humans with children and pets and nieces and nephews and loved ones
  • Humans with talents and skills beyond the workplace
  • Humans with interests and hobbies outside the realm of their work expertise
  • Humans with life experiences that are interesting and exciting
  • Humans with personal life goals
  • Humans with some really big wins and some really big setbacks and stories of triumph
  • Humans with potential to use their life experiences to do good in the world

Therefore, it’s important to us that our people have time to live their lives outside of work.

It’s important they develop hobbies and interests and spend time with their loved ones. These are the things that make us more human. These are the things that allow us to connect with other people with depth and emotion and shared experiences.

These are the things that – we believe – make better employees, because connection and common experiences build deeper relationships and trust.

At Cloud Performer, our definition of success is wildly different than many other consulting or tech firms. Most companies work hard for revenue, market share, and profitability. While we believe those values are important to the survival of the company, our primary definition of success is what drives us:

  • To love what we do everyday
  • To LOVE who we work with
  • To appreciate humanity and to help make their lives feel more fulfilled

Further, CP believes that the work it does for clients is for the same purpose.

To alleviate frustrating inefficiencies, create better work flow, and create a more positive and aligned workplace for the people who work for the company, and their families.

The trickle down effect here is that when employees feel empowered, supported, and aligned, they are better able to deliver amazing services to their clients. Impact has reach. When companies enable and empower their employees (humans), their employees have more potential to enable and empower clients.

When we look at the state of the workplace, we see too many inefficiencies and breakdowns in processes, technology, and leadership that are painful for the people involved, and their families.

    When we really look at what’s going on, we see:

    • people who are trying to deliver world-class services, but are slowed down by legacy technologies
    • people who aren’t able to make good decisions about how to move the company forward because they don’t have the visibility they need to understand the pulse of the company 
    • people who work more hours than they should to complete tasks the hard way because automation isn’t in place to make the job efficient
    • people who live in a constant state of trying to catch up and are lost in the day-to-day, not able to lead the company using creativity or innovation

    These people likely feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and even powerless at work. They work long hours trying to compensate or work their way around the issues. They take work home. They think about work while they’re not there. They sacrifice family time, both mentally and physically, and often forego hobbies and personal interests for the sake of the company. Sadly, many sacrifice their health and well-being to keep their job, and soon, their focus shifts to how to survive, instead of how to thrive.

    For companies, this level of employee frustration works against a positive culture and quality of life for its employees. It impacts the quality and delivery of services to their clients. It impacts company revenue potential. It impacts company culture, and can be the chain holding companies back from making their big impact on the world. 

    We know there’s a better way

    We stand with our clients and face their business challenges head on, guiding them through every obstacle with integrity, empathy, and passion. We’re in this together, getting to know our clients – both the executives and the end users. We become their friends, mentors, guides. We’re a sounding block, a listening ear, and a true solutions-provider.

    We bring the best team and use world-class problem-solving abilities and advanced technology expertise to help our clients – our new friends – alleviate frustration and roadblocks in their business processes so they can get back to the kind of work they do best – serving their clients, and making the impact they set out to make in the first place.

    After working with Cloud Performer,
    we want our clients to feel:


    Empowered to deliver world-class services with ease and flow 

    Confident in their ability to make good decisions to move their company forward

    Relieved and energized because they can now focus on more impactful and innovative initiatives for their own business

    Creative and inspired and opened up to new possibilities

    We will always do right by our clients, and we intend to simplify their work so they may enjoy the day to day activities of running their business and focus on doing good in the world the way they have envisioned it.

    We truly get there together.

    At the end of the day, we’ll know we’re wildly successful when our employees and clients are wildly successful.